Mind/Machine Anomalies Game
Click on numbers at least 100 times per game.

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  Random Number

  Total Clicks

  Total Matches

  % of Matches

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How to Play the Game

The goal of this game is to click the same number as the random number that will be generated by the computer. Click on one of the 5 numbered buttons, and the computer displays a randomly selected number from 1 to 5. If the number you clicked matches the computer generated number, a match is registered, and a percent of matches of the total number clicks you have made is shown.

Mind/Machine Anomalies

"Mind/Machine Anomalies" means abnormal interaction between a human mind and a machine. This game is a test to see if the user can have such an interaction.

If the player has a high percent of matches, you may be good at guessing random numbers, or the player's mind may have caused the computer to produce the number you clicked. Therefore, mind over machine, mind over matter, etc. A very low score would be just as negatively significant, because your mind believed it could not guess the computer generated number therefore influencing the computer to respond to your negative thinking.