Elephant Island

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Having gotten to the furthest south that the Marco Polo was going to go, (65*06.84' S), we headed North after the landings at Port Lockroy. The itinerary envisioned a "cruise in Zodiacs along the coast of Elephant Island at Cape Lookout." Unfortunately, once again, weather and high waves did not allow the ship to anchor, to say nothing of getting all those passengers onto Zodiacs!

Cruising by the Island, it was interesting to try to imagine Ernest Shackleton's adventures when his ship, named "Endurance," sank in the Weddell Sea, and they sought refuge on Elephant Island by sailing there on three small boats. They were barely surving when Shackleton with five of the crew set off on an incredibly hazardous trip to get help at South Georgia, some 800 miles away.

We continued on our journey, not hazardous at all, though rocky, crossing the Drake Passage once again. We had plenty of time to work on photos and journals in our cozy cabin. Two days and two nights later, we arrived on February 20, at Port Stanley, in the Falkland Islands.