Montevideo, Uruguay

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On February 24, and again on February 26, the Marco Polo docked in Montevideo, Tahleen's home town, 50 years after Robert arrived in February 1955. We were engaged in February 1955 and married in April 1955 in Montevideo. For this reason, we celebrated with the families of Tahleen's sisters during our cruise. In addition, both our sons travelled to Uruguay for the celebrations. What a treat!

Thursday morning we were greeted shipside by Keith, Eric and Anna Ruth. And thus we started a whirlwind two days: a walking tour of Ciudad Vieja, an outstanding family luncheon at Los Almendros, including a re-enactment of the day Robert gave Tahleen the original engagement ring, while also giving her a brand new one! On Saturday, after being picked up shipside, we had a quick dip at Playa Carrasco, at the excellent extended street called the "Rambla" and within view of the lovely statue shown above. In the afternoon we had an amazing wedding anniversary celebration at Cooper, which included a special cake, and many friends and family members.

There were two days at sea between Montevideo and Rio and as we cruised along we pondered that the trip could be considered to have been divided into three parts: Antarctica, 50th Celebrations, and the Amazon. Antarctica was cold and exciting, the Amazon was hot and exotic, and the 50th Celebrations? Ah, temperate as far as the climate was concerned, but truly evocative and incredibly emotional.

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