Port Lockroy

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Cruising overnight from Paradise Harbor to Port Lockroy, we awoke to another gray day, though at times the sun would fleetingly light up ice and ocean. Since Robert didn't land at Port Lockroy we don't have digital photos of this landing. He stayed on the Marco Polo and took photos from the railings and of the ship itself.

On February 17 Tahleen boarded the Zodiacs once more and visited Port Lockroy, the site of a former British station established during World War II. Nothing remains of that station but a few rusted pylons. However, resting on the beach near where we landed there is an almost complete whale skeleton and is a dire reminder of the 3,000 + whales that were cut up here during the whaling era. There is a small British station at Port Lockroy and as many as 2,200 pairs of nesting Gentoo penguins! We also saw many Antarctic Shags (or Bue-eyed Cormorants) who breed there.