West Point, Falkland Islands

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West Point Falklands is a privately owned island (3,000 acres) by the same family since 1879. After docking the tender at the jetty, we hiked for more than an hour over hills and dales to an amazaing rookery where Black-Browed Albatrosses were taking care of their fledgling chicks that were looking very fat with down and no wing feathers yet. They mingled freely with Rockhopper penguins. After the hike we were invited into the home of the owners of West Point for a very complete tea. The view from their front door is outstanding.

As we cruised North the following two days the weather kept improving and warming up. We enjoyed the jacuzzi, dance classes, some line dancing, lectures and of course, eating! By now we were not always choosing an item from each of the five courses offered. Occasionally we asked for "nothing" for dessert and received a plate with "nothing" on it. On the 23rd it was wonderfully warm and they had prepared lunch out on deck. That evening there was an outstanding sunset.