Ushuaia, Argentina

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After flying down from Buenos Aires, where we enjoyed a couple of days' pre-cruise, we boarded the Marco Polo cruise ship at Ushuaia, Argentina. Ushuaia is located at the most southern point of South America, but was reasonably warm since it was late summertime. Gusts of wind made it seem colder while we walked around the town that is clean, quaint, and dubbed the "Fin del Mundo." We chatted with several local town folks while sipping coffee, munching on an alfajhor, and enjoying the store windows.

Once on board we quickly reacquainted ourselves with the Marco Polo, on which we had enjoyed the eclipse tour in the South China Sea. Underway that night we started to feel some serious rocking and rolling as we cruised through the Beagle Channel and by Cape Horn. Even more rough were the 1063 nautical miles of the crossing of the Drake Passage with many waves that measured 8 to 10 meters. Fortunately neither of us succumbed to the wild pitching!