Fort Washington Park

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The above photo is an entrance view of "Fort Washington" for which the zip code area of Fort Washington, Maryland is named. It is located a few miles south of Washington, D.C. on the east side of the Potomac River and is encompassed by many acres of land of the old military base that is now the national "Fort Washington Park." The first Fort Washington established in 1809 was used by military forces through several wars, but became a park after the second World War. Weapons were never fired from the Fort at an enemy. At the present time, the Park is surrounded by residential areas where the Nabors home is located.

ftcannon0.JPG - 15156 Bytes Within the walls of the Fort are large cannons, barracks, offices, a jail, storage rooms, and a flag that rises above the walls. At various times of the year, volunteers dress as soldiers of bygone time periods and provide live shows demonstrating various phases of military life of the era selected. Activities such as fairs showing antique military equipment and dress of various wars, bicycling, fishing, picnicking, etc., take place throughout the year. Ftwcannonsm0.jpg - 29304 Bytes

A yellow painted museum, located near a small cannon, is one of the buildings outside the walls of the Fort, but on the grounds of the Park. The museum contains maps, uniforms, small firearms, other artifacts, and reports that describe the historical role of the Fort. Souvenirs can be purchased at the museum. A petite lighthouse, on the east bank of the Potomac river to the right and below the Fort, is in operation.

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