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Isaac Nabors
Louisa Christian

Isaac Thomas Nabors Family Report

Husband: Isaac Thomas Nabors Ref. #1
Birth: 4 Mar 1841
Death: 7 Jun 1918 Ref. #2
Burial: Springhill Cemetery, Lamar County, AL Ref. #3
Occupation: Farmer & Baptist Circuit Rider
Religion: Baptist
Father: William Nabers (1798-1874)
Mother: Unkown
Marriage: 20 Nov 1865

Wife: Louisa Sidney Christian Ref. #4
Birth 8 Sep 1849 Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Ref. #5
Death: 3 Aug 1929
Burial: Meadow Branch Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama Ref. #6
Occupation: Housewife
Religion: Baptist
Father: Thomas Anthony Christian (1809-1883)
Mother: Phebe McMillian (1818-1880)
Marriage: 11 Mar 1841


James Wylie Nabors
Birth: 4 Oct 1866
Death: 8 Jun 1918 Ref. #7
Burial: Springhill Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama
Wife: B. E.

William Benjamin (Sosa) Nabors
Birth 21 May 1869
Death: 23 Nov 1933
Burial: Spring Hill Cemetery, Lamar County, AL Ref. #8
Wife: Leathy Ovella Johnson

Martha Ann Nabors
Birth 18 May 1870 Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
Death: 21 Jun 1918
Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama Ref. #9
Husband: Henry Gibson Tate
Marriage: 29 Mar 1894

John R. Nabors Click here for John R. Nabors Family Report
Birth 23 Dec 1871, Walker County, Alabama
Death: 06 Apr 1938, Pine Grove Community, Lamar County, AL
Burial: Meadow Branch Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama Ref. #10
Occupation: Farmer, Drugstore Manager, Cobbler, and Pool Hall Manager
Wife: Eliza Ann Black
Marriage: 24 Oct 1889, Columbus, Mississippi

Zachariah Nabors Ref. #11
Birth 1873
Death: 1873
Burial: Fayette County, Alabama

Isaac Thomas (Tommy) Nabors
Birth 15 Aug 1875
Death: 3 Sep 1882
Burial: Meadow Branch, Cemetery, Lamar County, AL Ref. #12

Elizabeth Rosa (Zella) Nabors Ref. #13
Birth 4 Jun 1881
Death: Unkown
Burial: Oak Lawn Cemetery, Plant City, Florida
Husband #1: Bartee Lavell Neal
Marriage: 28 Feb 1900
Husband #2: Jackson
Marriage: Unknown

Manley Lee Nabors
Birth: 25 Jan 1884
Death: 20 Oct 1935
Burial: Beersheba Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery Ref. #14
Wife: Viola Sprouse

Christoper (Carl) Cornelius Nabors Ref. #15
Birth 17 Feb 1886
Death: 4 Feb 1948
Burial: Whites Chapel Cemetery, Fayette County, Alabama
Wife: Audie Josephine Henderson

Earlie Claudius Nabors
Birth 31 Oct 1888
Death: 21 Dec 1952
Burial: Fayette Cementery, Fayette County, Alabama Ref. #16
Wife: Angeline Sprouse

Reference Notes

Reference Note #1:

There are 10 children of Isaac listed in this genealogy file, based on the names listed in Isaac's Bible. By 1900 there were only 8 children alive according to the 1900 census which helps confirms the early deaths of Zachariah and Isaac Thomas Nabors, Jr.. Nabors is spelled with an "e" in Isaac's Bible, i. e., Nabers.

Reference Note #2

The quoted statement below is a description of how Isaac and his Son, Jim, died. The source document was signed by Claudia Johnson, and given to Jim and Ovie Sims.

"My name is Claudie (Nabors) (Walker) Johnson. I am the 6th child of Manly Lee & Viola (Sprouse) Nabors. 1 was born in Pickens Co, Ala on Mar 21, 1919 and lived there until Jan 1, 1930 when we moved to Lowndes Co, Ms. I remember a story that my mother told to me and my sister many times while we were growing up.

My Grandparents, Issac and Louisa Nabors lived in Lamar Co, Ala somewhere west of Millport. I don't know the exact location. Grandpa Issac was sick. Uncle Jim (James W, Grandpa & Grandmas oldest son) was living with them and he was also sick. Uncle Jim's wife had died about 3 years earlier. Their only child, Leander, about 25 YO, was married. He and his wife had a son, J.C., about 4 YO.

Grandpa Issac and Uncle Jim were both sick in bed in the front room of the house. Uncle Jim died. I don't remember hearing what day. Grandma Louisa and the womenfolk were going to put up a curtain to divide the room. Grandpa Issac told them 'There is no need for you to put up that curtain. I know that Jim is dead.' Grandpa Issac died the next day.

Uncle Jim was buried beside his wife at Springhill Cemetary, Lamar Co, Ala and Grandpa Issac was buried beside them.

Claudia Johnson" (signed)

The death dates of Isaac and Jim support the veracity of the above statement. Their deaths were one day apart.

Reference Note #3

Isaac's tombstone has the following inscription:
MAR. 4 1841
JUNE 7, 1918
God gave. He has taken.
He will love. He doeth
all things well.

Reference Note #4

Louisa has several conflicting given names in source documents as follows:
Louisa American Sidney Lee - Bible listing
Louisie Sidney - tombstone
Louisa - census 1900, 1870
Louise - census 1910
Lousia C. - Baker database
Louisa Sidney Christian is the name used in this database.

Reference Note #5

Information regarding Louise's birthplace and her Parent's, Thomas and Phebe (McMillian) Christian, is from the Baker database. Louisa is the 5th of 11 children of Thomas and Phebe, and is shown in the database as married to Isaac Nabors. Her birth year in the Baker database is the same shown on her tombstone and on other documents.

Reference Note #6

Louisa's tombstone in Meadow Branch Cemetery has the following inscription:
SEPT. 8, 1849
AUG. 3, 1929

"Louisie" on the tombstone appears to be a spelling error for Louise or Louisa.

The Bible listing lists Louisa as, "Louisa American Sidney Lee Christian," and her birth date as Aug. 28, 1854. Louisa's birth year on her tombstone is 1849. The same shown on the census report of 1900, and in the Baker's database. Ages in earlier census confirm the birth year of 1849. See Reference Note #4 for more on Louisa's names.

Louisa is not buried with her husband, Isaac, because she wanted to be buried in the same cemetery with her child, Isaac Thomas (Tommy) Nabors, Jr., that died very young. Tommy has a tombstone that is located a couple of grave spots over from Louisa. Isaac is buried in Springhill cemetery.

Reference Note #7

James Wylie Nabors is listed in Isaac's Bible with the identical birth date that is on his tombstone.

B. E.'s and James' tombsone has the following inscription:
B. E. NABORS------------------------------------J. W. NABORS
FEB. 11, 1868 ------------------------------------ OCT. 4, 1866
JAN. 14, 1914
How sweet it is to think--------------------------Kind father of love
of her in her new home--------------------------Thou hath gone to thy rest

Reference Note #8

William B. Nabors' tombstone has the following inscription:
MAY 21, 1869
NOV. 23, 1933

Reference Note #9

Martha's footstone has the following inscription:
MAY 18, 1870
JUNE 21,1918

Martha Ann Nabors was Henry Gibson Tate's second wife. His first wife, Emily Johnson, died in 1893, and Henry married his second wife, Martha, in 1894. Information provided by Nettie Carnevale copied from Roy Tate's Bible.

Reference Note #10

John R. & Elisa Ann Nabors have the following inscription on their tombstone:
JOHN R--------------------------ELISA ANN
1871----1938------------------- 1861----1950
My love goes with you and my soul wants
to join you.

Reference Note #11

The unnamed infant listed in Isaac's Bible is assumed to have died at birth, and is assigned the name Zachariah in this genealogy file. Zachariah is a name that several descendants of Isaac say was a son of Isaac and Louisa, but no one seems to know any of Zachariah's vital genealogy data. The birth date of 1873 is a guess based on the fact that the "Infant" is listed between John R. Nabors born in 1871 and Isaac T. Nabors, Jr. born in 1875.

The other child that died early is Isaac Thomas (Tommy) Nabors, Jr. who is buried in Meadow Branch cemetery. See Ref. Note #12

Reference Note #12

For many years Isaac Thomas (Tommy) Nabors did not have a tombstone. There was a rock next to Louisa's tombstone without an inscription that was his only marker. In May, 1999 J. C. Nabors placed a tombstone beside the rock.

The tombstone inscription is as follows:

Isaac Thomas, Jr.
Aug. 15, 1875
Sept. 3, 1882

The inscription is based on Isaac's Bible listing. He would have been 7 years old when he died. The son is referred to as Tommy, or Jr., just to keep from confusing him with his Father. The "Jr." is not shown in the Bible listing. Two people at the 1998 reunion said the person buried under the rock was "Tommy" which appears to fit with the Bible listing since "Tommy" is a nickname for "Thomas." He was probably known as Tommy because of his age, and in order to have a name for daily use different from his Father's name.
See Reference Note #6 for more information.

Reference Note #13

Elizabeth's name on Isaac's Bible listing is Miranda Ovella Nabers; Born June 4, 1881. One wonders when the name changed.

The quoted notes below regarding this issue and others, were recieved from Jim and Ovie Sims:

"The enclosed marriage license of Zella Nabors and Bartee Neal shows her name change. We would say the name change came in her late teens. Vera Miller told me that Miranda Orilla was definitely a part of her mothers name. Vera said 'she changed her name', as did some of the other family members. I told her we were interested because we wanted to be sure we were talking about the same relative. She assured me that there was knowledge of this in her family. She also said that she was told about the family conflict that came about when Great Aunt Zella and Mr Neal separated and she married Mr Jackson. Apparently, Zella was sick. Mr Jackson had a sister who lived at Plant City. Mr Jackson, Zella and the children lived near Detroit, Al in north Lamar Co. Mr Jackson put Zella and the children on the train and sent them to live with his sister until he could get them a house. She also says they were not allowed to correspond with any of their Ala relatives when they growing up, and they did not see their Grandparents any more, After they grew up and had their own families, some of the children came back to visit. The reason for this analogy is just to help us understand the situation better, and perhaps we do.

We have looked for any grave marked Neal at Walnut Grove Cemetary and have found none, but there are many unmarked graves, or marked with rocks. In the enclosed letter from Vera she mentions her oldest sister , Rose, who was buried in Ala. This would be Bartee and Zellas firstborn. Perhaps some other family member has information to add to this."

Reference Note #14

Manley Lee Nabors was buried at:
Beersheba Cumberland Presbyterian Church
1736 Beersheba Rd., Loundes Co., Columbus, MS.

Reference Note #15

"Carl" may be a nickname, since the only birth date and name in Issac's Bible that fits is "Christopher Cornelius Nabers," 17 Feb. 1886. He probably was known as "Carl" because his legal names were both very long. The 1900 Census lists him as "Cornelius." Carl is named "Christopher (Carl) Cornelius Nabors" in this genealogy file.
His tombstone reads:
Christopher Carl
Feb 17 1886 - Feb 4 1948

Reference Note #16

Earlie and Angeline Nabors' tombstone has the following inscription:
OCTOBER 31, 1888--------------NOV. 10, 1893
DECEMBER 21, 1955------------JAN. 26, 1957