Catherine Nabors Family Report
Catherine Nabors Family Report

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Margaret Nabors, Catherine Nabors, Monroe Nabors,
and Monroe's son, Damon
Catherine A. (Kate) Nabors Note #1
Birth: 1847, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Death: 19 Dec 1938, Alabama Note #2
Burial: Church Of Christ Cemetery, Berry, Alabama
Father: William Nabors (1798-1874)
Mother: Unknown Note #3

Catherine had two husbands.

Husband #1: Davis Note #4


Margaret Ann Davis
Birth: Feb 1877, AL, Alabama
Death: 9 Jun 1957, Gadsden, Alabama
Burial: Union Chapel Cemetery, Walker County, Alabama
Religion: Church of Christ
Husband: William (Pink) Nabors 1872-1951

Husband #2: Unknown


John Clements Note #5

Reference Notes

Reference Note #1

Catherine Nabors' name is shown as Catherine A. on the 1850 Census, Catherine A. on the 1860 Census, and Althea on the 1870 Census. William's Will has Catherine. She was known to use the name "Kate." "Kate Davis" is on her gravestone.

Throughout this report, "Nabors" is the spelling used except for the Census listings that show the spelling of Nabors as it is on Census reports. One sees various spellings of Nabors on Census reports such as Nabers, Neighbors, Nabours,etc.. Census takers probably spelled it however they thought it should be spelled. William's Will, and nearly all gravestones, use Nabors.

Reference Note #2

Birth and death dates for Catherine, and John W.Clements are verified by their gravestones.

Reference Note #3

No wife for William Nabors is shown on this report because William does not have a wife listed on any source documents reviewed by the author of this web page.

Reference Note #4

No vitals are known regarding Catherine's first husband, "Davis," but Kate's gravestone records her name as "Kate Davis."

Catherine's daughter, Margaret, is surnamed Nabors on her gravestone because she was the widow of William (Pink) Nabors, but her maiden name was Margaret Davis as shown on her son's, (Theron Nabors SR), birth certificate. Margaret's name is engraved on her gravestone as "Margreat Nabors," an unusual spelling of Margaret.

Reference Note #5

John Clements was Catherine's son, either by adoption or her second husband. Catherine's gravestone is in the Clements burial plot even though her tombstone bears her first husband's name, "Davis." The Clements burial plot is behind the Church of Christ in Berry, Alabama.