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Scroll below to see a listing of of William Nabors' family and links to his children's families.

William is the earliest known ancestor of this particular Nabors line. At the moment, we are interested in William's ancestors, but can use any Nabors related data. Should anyone have relevant information, e-mail Robert Nabors at:

The William Nabors Family

Husband: William Nabors Ref. #1
Born: About 1798
Died: 1874
Wife: Unknown Ref. #2

William's Children:

Isaac Thomas Nabors
Click here for Isaac's Family
Birth: 4 Mar 1841
Death: 7 Jun 1918
Burial: Springhill Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama

Nellie Nabors
Click here for Nellie's Family
Birth: 10 Jan 1844, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Death: 19 Dec 1934, Alabama
Burial: Union Chapel Cemetery, Jasper, Walker County, Alabama

Catherine A. (Kate) Nabors Click here for Catherine's Family
Birth: 1847, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Death: 19 Dec 1938, Alabama
Burial: Church Of Christ Cemetery, Berry, Alabama

Reference Notes

Reference Note #1

Throughout this report, "Nabors" is the spelling used except for the Census listings that show the spelling of Nabors as it is on Census reports. One sees various spellings of Nabors on Census reports such as Nabers, Neighbors, Nabours, etc.. Census takers probably spelled it however they thought it should be spelled. William's Will, and nearly all gravestones, use Nabors.

Reference Note #2

No wife for William Nabors is shown on this report because William does not have a wife listed on any source documents reviewed by the author of this web page.

The William Nabors Household on the Census of 1850 shows:

William Nabers 52 years old
Margaret Jones 13 years old
Isaac Nabers 8 years old
Milley 4 years old
Catherine A. 3 years old

A girl, Margaret Jones, 13 years old is listed, but is probably not William's child. Only Isaac, Nellie, and Catherine are listed in William's will. No wife for William is listed.

The William Nabors Household on the Census of 1860 shows:

Neighbors, William 62 years old
Neighbors, Isaac 18 years old
Neighbors, Milley 14 years old
Neighbors, Catherine A. 13 years old
Neighbors, Matilda 5 years old

A young girl named Matilda is listed in the 1860 Census with a Neighbors surname, Mother unknown.

The William Nabors Household on the Census of 1870 shows:

Neighbors, William 67 years old
Millie 25 years old
Althea 23 years old
Joseph 6 years old
Nancy 4 years old

Two other children in William's household are shown on the 1870 Census, Mother unknown. Althea is the Catherine A. listed on earlier census.

Isaac, the son of William, was not listed with William on the 1870 Census because he had married and is listed as as separate household with his wife and children.

William's ages seem to be less than accurate as shown on Census reports.